College & Time Management

Mornings with Matt

Welcome to Mornings With Matt, the Dearing Acting Studio’s completely virtual talk show where you can text in questions and chat with Matt. This is an effort to create community and bring people together. Matt will be answering questions about life, acting, the industry, and whatever else our viewers dream up! Our first guest is Jada Warner. Jada is a student at our acting school in her gap year preparing for whats next. Matt gives advice and answers her questions on Acting, Time management, and College plans.

Time Management

Matt believes that time is the most valuable thing that we all possess. It’s the ultimate equalizer. Now more than ever, people are starting to understand just how much time we actually have in every day. Jada was feeling like she was not spending enough time on her acting each day during this quarantine. She is a productive person and is trying to find ways to stay focused, disciplined, and fill her days. Matt gives her advice to completely focus on one thing at a time. Shut off all notifications, distractions, and set a timer. In Jada’s case, she has a strong belief that god is drawing her to acting and she wants to do it for a living. Because of this, Matt’s second piece of advice was to treat it like a 9 to 5. By consistently putting that amount of time in, it’s impossible not to become successful.


Jada’s second question was about Matt’s opinion on college. She’s preparing for the next step in her life, and wants to put her best foot forward. Matt’s answer was that college is great, but all it is is a babysitter for knowledge. They tell you when to do things and what needs to be done, thus creating a schedule and structure for you. His point is Knowledge is the most important thing, and you can gain that without going to college depending on your field. The reason most people don’t is that it takes an extraordinary amount of self discipline to do so.

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