7 Top Audition Tips from a 10 Year Old Accomplished Child Actor

Get 7 tips on how to prepare for an audition from Jack Dearing an accomplished child actor. 

Sometimes it’s nice to hear from someone who’s “been-there-done-it” in the industry. Even if that young actor does happen to be only 10 years old.

Meet Jack Dearing — An Experienced Child Actor

head shot of jack dearing, a young actor

Make no mistake. Even though his name is technically on the building, Jack Dearing has earned every ounce of skill through hard work, discipline, and a willingness to fail and try again.

Jack recently added another booking to his list of commercials, so we pulled him aside to ask him to share his experience. We asked for his advice on how to prepare for an audition with other actors of all ages.

How many commercials have you booked?

I’ve filmed about 9 commercials that aired on television and a whole bunch that were online.

Which commercials were your favorite to act in?

I liked filming “Discount Patio” because I worked with my mom, dad and sister.

I also enjoyed the “Offerpad” commercial because of the cool dog we got to work with!

7 Top Audition Tips from a Child Actor

We asked Jack to give us his top tips for young actors preparing for an audition. Here’s what he said.

How do you prepare for an audition?

1. Script. If there’s a script, you should start memorizing it at least 2 days before the audition. Don’t wait or it gets harder.

2. No script. If there’s no lines to learn then you practice performing what they want to see you do. This might not take as much time but it’s still important.

Give me an example of preparing for a no-script audition.

3. Visualize the situation. Let’s say they want to see you hiking up a mountain. You need to be able to see the mountain and react to it, even though you’re just standing in place. You have to remember what hiking feels like… you might stumble. Just try to make it as real as possible.

Best advice for a young actor who gets nervous in the audition room?

4. Do your best. No one is perfect. I’ve learned that there are things you can’t control about who gets the part in the end.

So focus on just trying to do the best at what you can do.

5. Focus on good things. My dad always says “Focus on the good and good things will happen.” It helps if you imagine yourself doing a really good job!

What’s the most fun part about auditioning?

6. Be creative. You get to be creative! You get to try your best no matter what.

7. Enjoy new people and characters. You also get to work with new actors and try out new characters. I also like using improv space-work.

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What would be your dream commercial acting job?

I would like to work with LEGOLAND or DISNEYLAND!

More About Jack Dearing

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