Changing Negative Thoughts to Positive Action

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In this episode, Matt sits down with young nursing student Eliana Magallan. The topic? Changing negative thoughts to positive action. They discuss the current uprising of COVID-19 and the toll it’s taken on her and those around her. During the episode, Matt and Eliana create a grounded plan for success. Matt discusses helpful ways in which Eliana can navigate her exhaustion and transform it into a positive purpose.

Figuring out your “WHY”

One of the most glaring difficulties in the process of fear is figuring out where it comes from. This is where the “why” comes into play. Matt talks about the power of digging deep into the things that scare us in order to discover why we fight so hard against them. He asks Eliana what she could be losing in terms of fear of in-productivity. As she lists off a few things, they are able to discover that the root of her fear, in general, comes from an unclear purpose. From this point, they are able to dig into deeper vulnerability and bring the dark to the light.

How to deal with Negativity

“I’m not good enough”. A phrase we so often hear or tell ourselves when fear strikes again. What if you could take these defeating thoughts and create positive solutions? Matt gives an excellent analogy here when speaking about transmuting negativity into constructive benefits. We often redirect the phrase “I’m not good enough” to its vicious counterparts such as “I’m not good enough to do this job” or “I’m not good enough as a person”.

Matt flips the script here by evolving this negative thought into an action-based solution. So, instead of relating feelings of failure and defeat to hardship, you must turn them into motivation. He talks about the importance of calling yourself out and fueling your fears with a concoction of truth, direction, and a positive mindset,

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