Carol Bennett


Carol Bennett

Carol Bennett began her journey at Dearing through the coaching her kids were receiving as both current and former students of Dearing Studio. As a seasoned veteran stewardess of Southwest Airlines, she was looking to get out of her comfort zone. Carol was hesitant to begin classes as she had no prior experience. She began her first class in 2015, and has been consistently training ever since. In the last 5 years of her training, Carol not only has found a new appreciation for the personal development benefits of acting, but has grown exponentially in her self confidence, her drive, and her fearlessness both personally and professionally.


How were you introduced to Dearing Acting Studio?

Through my kids! They could not take weekly classes due to scheduling so they started with private lessons…..My job can get repetitive….I was working a lot of days in a row, and I wanted to do something different, and it was like my car just drove itself into the parking lot.

What was your first class experience like?

I was so outside my comfort zone…..everyone was so welcoming as soon as I got in the door. You asked us why we were awesome, and I said I was awesome because I showed up…..It was such a positive and fun night.

How has your training at Dearing Studio affected your personal life/work life?

You learn so many things here….Of course you learn about the craft of acting, but you learn other things like overcoming your fears, becoming more confident. I am more fearless.