Battling Mental Health: Team Podcast

Battling Mental Health

Welcome back to the Dearing Acting Studio Podcast! On this episode, the whole team is back together. Matt, Joey, Brian and Shea hang out (Virtually, of course) and have an open discussion about mental health. Battling Mental Health has definitely turned into a large buzz concept in our world. Not only are we doing our best to fight the good fight and erase the stigma around mental health, but we are going through it ourselves.


Shea shares her story regarding her own struggles with paranoia, anxiety and depression. Since making the choice to get put on medication 3 years ago, Shea has had to consistently check in with her doctor to measure progress she’s making.

These are tough appointments. But….not this one. Since being in Quarantine, Shea has taken it upon herself to completely uproot her current lifestyle and become the best version of herself. Tune in to hear Shea’s positive news following her latest appointment!

The Compound Effect

The team transitions to chatting about the Compound Effect. Author Darren Hardy wrote this book to give business employees advice on how to reap rewards from seemingly small actions.  Studio Owner and Author Matt Dearing speaks on this idea frequently. He is constantly encouraging his team and his students to create realistic, action-based goals in order to build up to your grand result. This approach is thought to increase the likelihood of reaching your ultimate goal instead of chasing it with zero milestones in mind. This coincides perfectly with Mental Health because when your mind is in a good, healthy place, you are more likely to stay motivated in your action plan to create ultimate success.

The team also touches on the negative compound effect, which can happen if your mindset is focussed on negativity. When you are not taking care of mind, body and soul, your decision making skills, drive and determination may falter.

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