Find Auditions in Phoenix – A Guide To The Arizona Film Market

Matt Dearing

Have you been asking yourself how to find auditions in Phoenix Arizona? Well, if you are then you’ve come to the right place. In this article we discuss where and how to find auditions in Phoenix. We also give a brief overview of casting websites and which ones are worth looking at.


The first place we recommend looking for auditions is with the local casting directors in your area. Below is a list of reputable casting directors available in Phoenix, Arizona.

List Of TheTop Local Casting Directors In Phoenix, Az

  1. Matthew Dearing – Phoenix Casting / WWW.PHXCasting.COM  Phoenix Casting was founded by Matthew Dearing in order to change the culture of casting within the state of Arizona. PHX Casting is a Phoenix, Arizona casting service with a reputation for respecting talent while delivering high quality castings. 
  2. Garth Williams – Garth Williams Casting LLC /  Garth Williams Casting LLC was founded by Garth and Jan Williams. Together they have over 40 years of combined experience in the industry.
  3. Bella Hibbs – Good Faith Casting LLC /  Good Faith Casting, LLC was founded by Faith Hibbs Clark. Her daughter Bella Hibbs is now the owner, CEO and head casting director. 
  4. Julie Cook – Arizona Casting Connection  / Arizona Casting Connection was founded by Julie Cook. Julie’s experience combines more than 25 years of casting and production management in NY, Los Angeles, and Phoenix markets. 


You’re probably wondering where to start if you don’t have an agent. And this would be a fair question. Most of the big castings in Arizona will end up going through a casting director. The issue however for beginner actors is that casting directors tend to use talent agencies. Therefore finding auditions if you don’t have an agent can be difficult. Below you’ll find a list of resources for actors to find auditions in Phoenix, even if you don’t have an agent.


The local film schools are a great resource for finding auditions. Please take a look below to see a list of film schools whose students often hold auditions as a part of the learning process. And as always, we recommend doing your own research as well since the industry changes so fast.

List of the top Arizona film schools

  1. Arizona State University 
  2. Scottsdale Community College
  3. Huntington University


When looking for auditions in Phoenix there are several good websites to consider. Also though, be aware that most of the acting jobs listed on these websites are either for no pay or little pay. 

List of actor audition websites

  1. Mandy Network
  2. Backstage
  3. Actors Access
  4. Casting Networks
  5. Casting Frontier

Now, to be clear, we are not picking favorites here, but one of the best resources for actors to find auditions in Phoenix is Casting Networks. This site was mentioned above in our list of national casting websites but it’s become a staple for actors here locally. If you’re signed with a talent agency in Arizona, you’re probably on the Casting Networks website already. This is because all the big casting directors in town use the service. Below you’ll find the process for getting onto just about any audition website.

Also, it’s worth noting that Mandy has been around for a really long time. We’ve been writing blogs that include Many since 2013. As of this moment we are updating our older blog posts and seven years later this company is still putting out great opportunities for actors. We just received a great casting opportunity to share with our readers that includes four equity projects!


  1. Create a profile. 
  2. Upload marketing material such as headshots, demo reels, etc.
  3. Set your preferences for geography and fill in your demographic information.
  4. Submit and begin auditioning.

Technology has shifted the way we run auditions and castings. Actors must be prepared to use these resources and keep them up to date. Not sure what actor audition looks like? Below is an example of a very typical casting post:

Typical Post When Asking How To Find Auditions In Phoenix Arizona Or Anywhere Else

  • Commercial, Non-Union Posted: 9/21/2015
  • Union Status Non-Union
  • Conflicts NONE
  • Project Notes
    • A nice, formal school music recital turns into mayhem out of the blue…
  • MOTHER / Non-Union / Principal / Female / Caucasian, Hispanic / 35-45
  • Looking for an actress in Phoenix who can play a conservative, uptight soccer mom type. Hair: blonde or brown, shoulder length, average body.
  • Rate: $450 + 10%

Wondering how to handle the local talent agencies?

As you can see in the audition post above, all the pertinent information is given. Then it’s up to you to decide if you’d be willing to travel for the audition and callback if applicable. If you’re in Arizona and you’d be up for a quick flight to Vegas, New Mexico or California, consider receiving notices for paid work in those areas.

An important note: If you are represented and submitting for work out of market, check your contract. Most of the agents in Arizona do not serve as your agent out of state, however, it’s worth it to double check. You don’t want to inadvertently be in breach of contract. If you are submitting for something in-state (or you are contacted directly to work on a project), make sure you filter it through your agency.

Arizona Specific Audition Websites

Movie Work Now is known now primarily for their extras castings.  However this company has been around for a while and there was a time when they were casting big projects that came through our state. Check out the photo below of a local Arizona Actor who landed a role in Three Kings with George Clooney.

Over the years Arizona has provided a great home for Hollywood to make some spectacular films. Seen in this photo is George Clooney standing with a local Arizona actor. The movie is the 1999 hit film “Three Kings” which did very well in the box office and brought prosperity to the Arizona Film Market as well. is a place to start for actors just starting out in Phoenix or for those who are new to Arizona. The auditions listed here are typically unpaid theater work, low-paid (or unpaid) film work (Independent films/ student films) and the occasional commercial. It’s a great place to begin practicing your auditioning skills locally. 

Doing a few projects for free to build your resume is essential to building a career in acting. Make sure you get a contact phone number for someone who can assist you with getting a copy of your for your demo reel. Then only work for free for a season. Then value your skill set enough to get paid for your effort.

A Final Word On Castings And How to Find Auditions in Phoenix Arizona

I want to disclose that, though we try our best to be impartial, this article is inherently biased based on the fact that we own Phoenix Casting. However, casting director bias aside I’ve always said: 

A great casting should be an experience. Producers, directors and Ad Agencies need a partner they can trust to deliver incredible talent; so they can focus on the production itself.”  – Matthew Dearing, Casting Director in Phoenix, Arizona