An Improv Scene Podcast: Dogs help fight COVID

Today’s topic: An Improv Scene Podcast: Dogs Help Fight COVID. Today Jason Jackson and Matthew Dearing get on the mics as actors to bring us yet another amazing improvised podcast performance.

An Improv Scene Podcast: Dogs Help Fight COVID

If you’re new to our actor’s podcast and need a reference for why these guys are impersonating dogs, you can check out the meaning of improv. In fact as Improv actors we often impersonate animals. There’s another improv podcast where Joey Sweeney, Matthew Dearing and Jason Jackson had some pretty believable horses on the show. In fact the Dearing Acting Studio has a great podcast with one of the foremost impressionist comedians on the planet. Frank Caliendo is a long time student at Dearing and was gracious enough to sit with us to discuss his thoughts on mastery. Of course he delivers some AMAZING impressions and has us laughing hysterically throughout!

Improv Suggestion: Discovered from dogs and COVID discussion – hilarious

The suggestion in this improv scene is received live on the air at the beginning of the podcast, so you KNOW it’s improv! Sit back as these improvisers take you on a ride into your imagination.

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