Adapting to Crisis

Welcome to another Mornings With Matt Podcast!

In this episode, Arizona actress and model Connor Malone is chatting with Matt today. The two discuss the highs and lows of adapting to crisis, how to set a solid routine and how to transform your mindset through difficult circumstances.

Accept and Modify

One of the most difficult elements of the human psyche can often be acceptance. Although it may be one of the toughest, it is also the first step in the reframe and adjust the process.  Matt comments on how without fully accepting your new circumstances, the process of moving onward and upward can often result in a harder climb. For example, the Dearing Acting Studio underwent a huge redirect phase when the COVID hit. We took it upon ourselves to briefly panic, accept it, find a new plan and set a solid routine. Matt and Connor discuss the necessity for a positive mindset when you are forced to alter your life and in turn, transform the “have to” into the “want to”.

Set a Solid Routine

There is no doubt that our world, our routines and our schedules have been thrown off balance during the COVID crisis. However, this doesn’t mean that your routine has to come to a screeching halt. Matt and Connor have a great discussion about setting a solid plan and converting your old routine into your new one. Matt challenges Connor to connect with her passions in the early hours of the morning in order to get her started on the right foot. For Connor, this may be her workouts, art, acting, modeling, etc. Adopting a positive mindset into your new circumstances will set you up for success no matter the trials and tribulations.

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