Teen Script Tuesday

Class Updates

Weekly Update

Week’s Takeaways

Below is a list of lessons learned.

  • Commercial Handout – Rules to set you up for success when approaching performing a commercial read.
  • Commercial Cold Reads- Everyone was assigned a commercial and taught how to perform a cold read. The homework is to memorize these and perform them next week.
  • Be memorized by next week. Check out this free resource on our memorization method. 


  1. MEMORIZE: Make sure you work on your “Monotone Memorization.” Next week we will be testing memorization on a 1 to 10 scale and ANY voice inflection will be dinged.  We expect everyone to be at 10. This is our foundation for the next 3 months so DO THE WORK!
  2. PERFORMANCE PRACTICE: Once you are memorized begin practicing the commercial out loud. Test different ways of doing it. DO NOT memorize one performance. Focus on choosing different people you’re honestly connecting with and different ways to express each line.
  3. MAKE YOUR OWN COMMERCIAL: Write your own 30 second commercial. Anyone who does not do this will not perform during this section next week.
  4. ABSENT STUDENTS: The homework for absent people will be to find a 30 second direct to camera commercial to memorize and perform. You can easily find these through a google search.

Announcements and Coming Events

COMEDY SHOW: Come join us for some fun family friendly comedy, Saturday May 20th 2022 at 7PM. Get your tickets here.

MOVIE CAMP – Film. Produce. Star. Actors work together to bring a short film to life. Get the full on-set experience in this week-long camp. June camp is full. Check out our July Valleywood Movie Camp. July 10th-14th.