Episode 12: (Phoenix Theater)

Hanna Spence- Schehr joined the Dearing Team this week to talk about The Phoenix Theatre Company and shared a bit of her story.

-Now- Let’s get real here. Hanna had no idea who she came to play with when she entered into the Dearing Studio. She had no idea she would fall victim to Shea’s ridiculous habbit of nicknaming everyone who walks through the door AND on top of that, she let it slip that her alma mater is none other than the University of Arizona.

If you didnt know, we are a Devil house around here and really into Arizona Sunde football. ( Cue Matt throw up the fork sign )
Fun Fact: We even have a button on our sound board that so beatifully exclaims: “GOOOOOOOOOO DEVILS”.

Anyway, let’s get into our chat with “Hanna with no “H””.

Topics include:
– Background of Phoenix Theatre (Coming up on their Centennial year!)
– The age of Theatre and where it’s headed.
– Hanna and her many hats. (P.S. She got her start selling concessions and is now the powerhouse Director of Summer Programs at PT)
– Dedication to an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for children of all abilities.
– Can you guess what style of Dance Hanna trained in throughout her formative years?!

Signing off with Devil pride,

The Dearing Team