Episode 11: (The Actor has the Power)

Let me start off this intro by saying…….The Dearing Team has way too much fun recording podcasts.
Dive in with us this week as we debreif as a group and unpack the various happenings of the week.

This week was all about perspective and the power that saves you when you choose to claim it.

Quote of the week:
“You are where you are right now, and that’s the truth…..and you own it, you deliver and say “here I am”.”

Below is an inside look at our discussion:

-The Dearing Team cannot all be healthy at one time. Like, ever.
-Deflating the power of negativity.
-Culture is everything. Atmosphere is everything.
-Finding power in honesty and accountability.
-The evolution of master coaching.
-Making the _choice_ to find “light”