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Welcome to the Dearing Acting Studio, Arizona’s #1 acting school. Our philosophy on training will change the way you think about the craft. The studio’s professional acting coaches are trained to get you up on stage and active from day one. The class structure is organized for individual attention and maximum growth.

The Dearing Acting Studio is led by master teacher Matthew Dearing, who has been teaching acting for over 10 years! Matthew studies consistently with famed acting coach Larry Moss and works as a professional actor himself. As Matthew says, “Acting is an art form and CAN BE learned! It takes courage, patience and hard work.”

You will see Dearing Acting Studio students on TV every night.  Take a quick look at our actor success page to see what students and staff are currently working on.

Dearing services include Actor Training, On-set Coaching, Professional Speaking, Corporate Training, Video Production, Red Carpet Birthday Parties, Studio Rental, Theater Production and Improv Shows.


Mission Statement:
The Dearing Acting Studio “Special Sauce”

Our philosophy is to provide a Professional Actor Training Environment and Curriculum for optimal growth in the craft of acting. The CORE PRINCIPLES of every course are Inspired Discipline, Honest Critique, Personal Development and Fulfillment. Our mission in the craft and in business relationships is to act with passion. Every student is an individual with specific dreams and goals in which we are consistently working toward helping them achieve. To produce individual success within a group setting we have developed an exhilarating hands-on teaching style where the actor is “thrown in the water” and we teach you to swim from there. Lectures are motivated by moment to moment circumstance which enables our students to absorb new teachings with live examples. Our CORE VALUES are Family, Loyalty, Connection and Truth. We are grateful to have the opportunity to serve the Acting Community and provide a home for so many talented actors.

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Success Stories

Leeann Dearing

Owner, Actor, Teacher

In 2009, Leeann booked a Super Bowl commercial for, co-starring Danica Patrick. The commercial was featured as their lead-off spot in the game and was very well received!

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