Valleywood Kids and Teens Phoenix Summer Camp Contest!


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HOW DO YOU WIN? Simple! Make a YouTube Video (1–3 minutes in length) and get the most views by May 1, 2013. The video content is completely up to you!

Here are the Steps:

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Summer Camp

Kids and Teens Acting, Writing, Producing, Film-making Phoenix Summer Camp!

While snowbirds flock to cooler states, many Valley kids flock to cooler Northern Arizona for a variety of summer camps. Here in the Phoenix, serious acting students and youth looking to try something new and fun head to the Dearing Acting Studio for our annual Valleywood Movie Camps. Perhaps its that we offer air conditioning, and imaginations that take us to exotic locales around the world, whatever the reason, Kids and Teens in Phoenix LOVE our Summer Camp and we continue to expand the Valleywood Summer Camp program!

Why “Valleywood?” We are on a mission to help Phoenix become one of the top cities in the country for sourcing acting talent for national and international projects, but also for filming big-budget films and producing great theater that boosts our economy and reputation.

There are two Valleywood camps: movie and theater. These popular acting camps give students a full on-set or on-stage experience. We believe that the best actors are ones that know and appreciate each stage of the production process, and our summer acting camps are structured to cultivate such well-rounded actors. Participants get plenty of hands-on experience with each stage of the process, as well as individual attention and instruction.

In the Valleywood Movie Camp, campers learn to produce a movie like the pros, utilizing all aspects of the studio to take a film from concept to completion in the span of a week. Daily, industry professionals conduct fun, educational seminars. At the end of the week, they get to walk the red carpet and watch their finished product!

Price: $375.00 Total
The Phoenix Kids Camp
Red Carpet All Inclusive Package
Enroll by May 1 to received $50 off!

Available Spots:
Week 1 June 3–7 9 a.m.–2 p.m.
Week 2 June 10–14 9 a.m.–2 p.m.
Week 3 July 15–19 9 a.m.–2 p.m.

In the Theater Showcase Camp, everyone is cast in a leading role. There is no “chorus” section. There are no “extras.” Campers learn blocking, memorizing techniques, script analysis, character development, taking direction, and more. They gain insight into all of the components that must come together and flow smoothly in order for a stage production to be successful.

These special summer acting camps are a staple at the studio. Seamlessly integrating education with fun, they instill in each kid and teen values essential to a successful actor—and human being: a solid work ethic; confidence; communication skills; appreciation of art; how to work well with others; responsibility to a team; diligence in working toward a goal; selflessness; and trusting one’s own instincts. At the end of each camp, campers not only get to celebrate an impressive accomplishment, but are given the opportunity to see and invite loved ones to see the product of their efforts.

Price: $450.00
enroll by May 1 to received $50 off

Available Spots:
Week 1 June 17–28 10 a.m.–2 p.m.

For additional information on these camps or to sign up:

call (480) 313-9901 or email us a [email protected]

Regular weekly classes for kids, teens, and adults are listed on our Web site. Studio memberships are available and significantly lower costs for those serious about training consistently. Dearing Acting Studio is located at 10806 N. 32nd St., Phoenix, AZ 85028. Stop by and visit us soon, and enjoy comedic Improv shows Saturday nights at 7 and 9 p.m. courtesy Chaos Comedy and other local troupes. See you at the studio!