The Power of Manifestation

The Power of Manifestation 

Today we have Dearing Acting Studio student Seema Raman on the show! Seema and Matt get into details about her unique upbringing as she spent her high school years studying in India and the culture shock of returning to the United States to start her life. One of the most important questions Seema asks is about the power of manifestation and what it means to essentially, dream up your own life. Matt speaks on his process of breaking down his goals, tracking his progress analytically, and the consistency of figuring out how to make his procedures better every single day. 

Following your Dreams – The Determination for Success 

If you know Seema Raman, you know that she carries an infectious energy of positivity and creativity. It truly transcends wherever she goes and to whoever she meets. Seema is always happy, and when I say always, I mean ALWAYS. Even when she is dealing with life as we all do, she carries herself with joy and determination.  Not only is Seema an awesome person to surround our studio with, but she is always striving to do more. She is constantly striving to try new things and create success for herself.  Growing up, Seema was somewhat expected to create the life design that she was supposed to and put her brains first. Which, she did…flawlessly. Seema graduated from the University of Southern California and is now an engineer. That accomplishment alone is crazy impressive. But, it wasn’t until she decided to give into her passions and explore more of her creative side that she really blossomed into the fire of success. 

About Seema: 

Seema Raman wears many hats. This lady is an engineer by day and a creative being by night. She loves anything related to performing be it acting, dancing, hosting or modeling. Ultimately, her main purpose is to spread joy and create an empire of happiness. Being born in California and moving back to India for high school has given her a lot of perspective on life and her world view. 

She moved to Phoenix 3 years ago for her job and decided to get back into her creative passions and joined the Dearing Acting Studio. Through this, she met several like-minded individuals who have shaped her for the better. She speaks on these values and life lessons through her podcast, Sushi with Seema (Let’s get Raw)  and hopes to encourage more people to chase after their own passions. When the Dearing Acting Studio began producing it’s own podcast, Seema was interested in starting her own content with a determined vision to uplift women around her and make a name for herself in this medium. Her podcast is now available on both Spotify and Apple Podcasts.


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