(In Studio) Teen
    "Best place for young actors as well as mature actors. Passion, Love and Mastery!"


    "Dearing Acting Studio is an amazing place to hone in on your craft! This place is top notch and literally like a family! Best acting school hands down. Don't believe me? Try it!"

    AJ Crane

    "Dearing Acting Studio has helped me in so many ways it's hard to put into words, honestly. I walked in to this studio a little over a year ago as someone with a little experience in musical performing arts but completely brand new to acting. I was immediately welcomed by what I now consider my second family, and with the instructor's guidance and the entire studio's support and encouragement I was fortunate enough to be in their Master class. They gave me a new passion in life and goals to work towards. A place to make huge glorious mistakes and learn from them. The Studio has made me a more confident person on stage and in life and I can't possibly thank them enough. If you've always wanted to master a new skill or just want to learn how to overcome social anxiety (like me), Dearing Acting Studio is the best place to be!"

    Josh Lind

    “Matt has a way of breaking down the areas in need of improvement while simultaneously building the actor up. He reminds his students that there is no end point in the art of acting- it’s a continuous, never-ending process and thus we as actors must find joy in the constant grind of improvement instead of focusing on crossing out x,y, and z on the to-do list we’ve created for ourselves that we believe must be completed before we can be considered a successful actor.”

    Jada Warner

    "Dearing Studio is a special place. The instructors are incredibly talented and encouraging. I've learned things I never even knew possible and stretched myself as an actor. It is the premier acting school in the Valley - and their shows/comedy are spot on."

    Michelle Fortin

    "Dearing Studio is the Michelangelo of acting studios. Best in the valley."

    Ben Davis

    "Dearing Acting Studio is top notch and run by great people! The staff is super friendly, professional and caring. Love this place! I recommend to anyone looking to hone in on their craft."

    Alfred Carter

    "Dearing Studio is easily one of the best schools I've attended - not just for acting but for life. Matt Dearing and the rest of the staff constantly challenge us to face our fears, exercise our empathy, and stretch our imaginations in ways we never dared - while providing a safe, friendly, and highly supportive environment. Every actor should be lucky enough to be taught here!"

    Michael Jung

    “Matt Dearing and his studio have been a huge part in my growth personally and professionally. Matt teaches continuously about self acceptance. This is essential to becoming a truthful actor. It is a tremendous blessing to be able to study the craft of acting with him.”

    Ashley Hamilton

    “Matthew Dearing is passionate about acting and speaks truth. His focus is on mastery and because of that I am a better actor and person just being around him.”

    Alexandra Camacho

    “Best place...we just love it. My son always looks forward until the next time he can go to studio. Talented and amazing staff and owners. Inspiring for all. Get there today to see what it is all about. You won't be disappointed.”

    Amy Pohl

    Acting has always been a passion of mine and it is nice to be at a wonderful place, surrounded by people who feel the same way and have the same goals and dreams as you.

    Danielle Parker