Can Summer Camps Prepare Your Child for a Career?


The term career has not left our vocabulary, but it seems to be shrinking into a word only. Folks used to work for 25-plus years at one company. Now many of us flit about from one job to another. As children, our desired career changed once a week. As adults, we change our minds once every couple of years. With so many college graduates taking jobs that utilize none of their major or minor, school does not seem to be training the upcoming generations for careers—only bits and pieces of specific jobs. Yet careers still exist, and for those who are not afraid to provide their dreams and not give up on them, they make for a satisfying lifelong professional life.

If your child knows (whether or not it really is just for the moment) what he or she wants to do for a living, or even if your child simply expresses an interest in something, summer camps could certainly help prepare him or her for a career. There are movie camps in Phoenix, arts camps in Scottsdale, and other summer camps throughout Arizona.

Time to Explore!
These camps are great conductors for children’s creative energy. Valley summer camps can help your child explore hidden talents; train your child how to work with disparate personalities; realize potential skills like various sports, acting, cooking, designing and visual arts, etc.; get exposed to new challenges and the requirements of his or her desired profession; understand diversity in professional settings; develop entrepreneurial and innovative ideas; hone existing skills; and discover new professional horizons. All of these and more will aid your little actor in determining what is required to make a path in a particular industry.

I Ought to be in Pictures
If your kid has thought about acting, directing, screenwriting, producing, stage production, or another position in the entertainment industry, movie camps and theatre camps also can help train your child for such a career. These summer camps will engage your child in learning by doing, following a movie or stage production from conception to completion. Working off of scene partners, memorizing, focusing energy, dissecting a script, developing a character, and so much more.

Multiple Benefits
However, theatre camps and movie camps can also prepare kids for other careers. Many careers that involve public speaking (even if just to a board room or boss) are benefited by acting skills. Journalists, reporters and news anchors; motivational speakers and non-profit chairs; event coordinators, teachers, and instructors; CEOs, coaches or athletes that are interviewed on camera; moderators. These are just a few of the positions that are benefited by increased confidence, polished public speaking skills, and the ability to work with a diverse set of people.

Get your child into a summer camp this summer and watch him or her blossom!

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