Start Anywhere.

I met my husband for the first time on-stage. If you've been around the studio for any length of time, you already know this. He had bleach-blonde tips that would make 90's J-Timberlake envious,  shorts full of holes and a t-shirt that read "Bikini Contest Judge." I was...

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Auditioning With Kids .

Hey actors! Today we're gonna talk about auditioning for commercials and television with a very particular kind of person. You show up for your audition, and you're assigned a partner. Does he/she fit any of the following criteria? - Is 48 inches tall or less? - Is demanding chocolate milk? - Knows...

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(Photo Credit - Breann Heater Photography)

Arizona Headshots and Photographers

(Banner Image: Brenna Heater Photography.)       Hey actors! A question we get asked all the time at the studio is "Where can I find good head shots?" Lucky for Arizona locals, there are some phenomenal local photographers who will give you a beautiful result! There are lots of photographers we recommend,...

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Finding The Commercial Read!

You guys know me. I love commercials. They are the lions share of my work, and I like it that way. I enjoy the flexibility of commercial/industrial work. I love that commercials have become theatrical and clever. It's just the right kind of career for...

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Auditioning With A Partner.

Hey actors! Me again. So, we all know that Improv skills are supremely important. Improvisation is prevalent in the casting room, and it is a many-headed-hydra-beast. You might be auditioning alone, reacting non-verbally to someone or something. You might be auditioning alone, speaking to the casting...

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I Do My Own Stunts.

Hey actors! Today I'm excited to have Richard Lippert, a professional stunt drive, as a guest writer on the blog! He brings years of experience to his stunt work, and was recently signed with Ford RBA Scottsdale as on-camera talent. You can also catch Richard performing...

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Where Can I Find Auditions?

Hey actors! If you're hunting for film, commercial and print auditions, you probably fall into one of two categories. Talented + Un-represetned : I see you, actor. You're working hard, refining your skills, with the ambition of obtaining representation. If you are in this group, you are generally on...

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