Valleywood Winter Movie Camp 2016

Day 1: We had a blast getting to know our cast and crew yesterday! Campers also learned about the production side of things, a slate, recording sound, and the process of recording a scene. Campers did a great job taking notes and helping each other out when...

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“Deb8 Mile” : An Epic Presidential Rap Battle

Ahhhhh, election year. What’s better than a presidential debate? (This election, a colonoscopy. A goiter. A tax audit.) Raise your hand if you're tired of hearing Trump and Hilary talk at each other. 🙋🏼 So are we. Instead, let’s watch them rap-battle, 8 Mile style. So, America, we made you...

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Why Am I Moving? (Finding Your Character’s Behavior)

You'll hear actors referring to destination, business and gesture when they are in the process of discovering character. Today, let's rap about what we mean by "destination". So sit on your chair backwards (because it's edgy) and drop a beat. Destination. It's not as simple as where you're...

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500 Voice Over Gigs: An Interview with Andy Cooper

Meet Andy Cooper, a gifted actor who just booked his 500th voice over job. Yes, you heard that right. Within just a few years, Andy booked 500 voice over jobs. Most of those he recorded right inside his own home. Andy is a Dearing student, and...

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I’m Bad At Improv.

I had a singing coach who insisted that the reason she was a good instructor was that she had to work so hard to be good. Her vocal talents were not purely intuitive. She found her technique through pure grind; carved it out of a marble slab with...

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An Anthropologie Treasure Hunt. (Or Why Imagination Matters)

It was a Tuesday at 3pm. And much like every Tuesday at 3pm, I had dreams. Dreams of sitting at my table with a coffee and the newest anthropologie catalogue, gazing at a laced funnel neck bell-sleeved pullover. (Too many descriptors, anthro. Whatever. I still want...

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