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Improvise – like a playwright

IMPROVE SCRIPTED WORK THROUGH IMPROVISATION Video Blog I love the Meisner Technique as a tool to help actors (and people for that matter) become better listeners.  The key is to begin listening to the subtext under the words rather than just the words themselves.  However the mistake...

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Summer Is Almost Over!

Summer is almost over, which means that things are going to start picking back up in our industry! If you took the summer months to step away from your training, it might be a good idea to start kicking some of that rust off! Today’s...

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The Actor’s Purpose

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This is what it takes to have a "meaningful" career in acting - Ready?   Define your purpose in all you do by the following criteria: Growth, Discovery and Mastery[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text] 1) Growth [edgtf_separator class_name="" type="full-width" position="center" color="" border_style="" width="" thickness="" top_margin="" bottom_margin=""] "When you stop growing you start dying" - William...

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Actor Goal Setting

As I write this article a new year has just begun and setting new goals seems to be on everyone's mind. However no matter when you might find this article you can use these powerful tools to jump start your acting career and most importantly...

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Memorize the Right Way

Memorize the Right Way

Memorization for an actor is like a ruler for an architect.  The words must be available to you at all times but the actor's creativity is what brings life to a writer's imagination.  Actors are artists who train to be physically and emotionally free while...

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Valleywood Winter Movie Camp 2016

Day 1: We had a blast getting to know our cast and crew yesterday! Campers also learned about the production side of things, a slate, recording sound, and the process of recording a scene. Campers did a great job taking notes and helping each other out when...

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“Deb8 Mile” : An Epic Presidential Rap Battle

Ahhhhh, election year. What’s better than a presidential debate? (This election, a colonoscopy. A goiter. A tax audit.) Raise your hand if you're tired of hearing Trump and Hilary talk at each other. 🙋🏼 So are we. Instead, let’s watch them rap-battle, 8 Mile style. So, America, we made you...

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