Find the Line: Masterclass Scene Study Intensive

4 students

Find the Line: Masterclass Scene Study Intensive

July Masterclass: Find the Line

Welcome to Dearing Acting Studio’s re-born Masterclass Scene Study Intensive. In this module you will be watching an excerpt from the pulitzer prize winning play, “Proof.” As a virtual student, you will be taken through our one hour session, broken down into five pieces. First off, you’ll learn from watching the scene. Secondly, observing guided critique from Matt. Lastly, you’ll see the moments when these actresses make the scene pop off the page, and other moments when they stop and go to get the moment right.

Intensive Breakdown:

  1. Questioning: The first lesson is about questioning. As a viewer and a student, pay attention and take notes on the specific pointed questions that Matt asks to get to the bottom of the play’s subtext!
  2. Slow Play: In this lesson we watch as Matt coaches these ladies to slow down and listen. This is something that is referred to as, “slow play” and it’s essential to hit the music in these plays. Watch how silence can make a moment spark laughter from the audience, versus going directly into your lines.
  3. Find the Line: Lesson three begins the journey of getting deeper and deeper into the scene. Matt always says it’s the actors job to be truly authentic and become their character. From this, you MUST stay connected to every moment, and let the lines come naturally. The second you get caught acting, is the second the audience will disengage.
  4. Use the Digs: The last bit of the play from our Thursday Performance hour. As an actor you have to find a way to fall in love with your character. Without this you can’t paint your character’s truth. These characters are very confrontational towards one another in the play, but the truth is they’re both trying to love each other. When this doesn’t work, the writer adds digs and attacks, to show that the character was effected.
  5. End Critiques: The end of the hour. Matt gives final thoughts and direction for these actress to go home and grind on before they come back on Saturday. Both Briana and Monica share their main take-away from the session, and how it’s changed their perspective versus when they walked in the room today.

What happens in the room?

Masterclass has been an ongoing intensive scene study that has evolved over the years since the studio opened. Our instructor, Matt Dearing has trained many famous actors such as: Frank Caliendo, Josh McDermitt, Asher Angel, and Sofia Wylie to name a few. Matt’s coaching all stems from listening at the highest level to everything going on, and asking questions to try and point students into the right direction. For our actors, scene study is a daily grind for three months, with no guarantee to even get through the play. They come in to get 1% better in their pursuit of mastery in the art of acting. If this sounds like you, check us out and start your training today!

Happy Studying!  You can check out our other online courses here.





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