Character Building

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Character Building


In this special mini-course, you will walk through two sessions of scenes from our Masterclass Intensive Scene Study. You will witness the difference it makes in your scenes when you have a deeply rooted character and living truthfully through their circumstances. From watching this course online, you will learn from guided critique, scene progression, and multiple different exercises you can apply to your future scenes. Larry Moss, one of Dearing Studio’s biggest inspiration speaks on character building in one of his best selling novels, found here.


Building a character can seem like a daunting task at times. If you’re lucky- the playwright has given you given circumstances, a moment before and general ideas of thought life. But, how do we go deeper from there? How can we demand more of ourselves to continuously build on what the script gives us? An actor’s job is to expect and want to develop stronger facets of a character. Here is the catch: It’s supposed to be fun!

As you’ll see in the course, actors can get frustrated when it takes a while to discover something small or seemingly insignificant about a character. It get’s tiring rehearsing over and over again and feeling stuck in trying to figure out the “missing link”. But, something magical happens when a lightbulb turns on for a student. They now get to write a new chapter for their character. All discoveries, big and small, make up the puzzle that is your character.


All discoveries, big and small, make up the puzzle that is your character. Feeling free enough to have “fun” with your character comes from the intense preparation an actor does beforehand. Creating a strong character is part of what allows an actor to stand out on stage. When you fully understand your character as a real person; experimentation, active choices and unique personalities are able to shine through as a result of accepting and committing to your character’s individualities.

We hope you enjoy this course.  Check out our other online courses HERE!

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