May Adult Script Tuesday

Welcome to your virtual script class! Dive into the Dearing Acting Studio Classroom from the comfort of your own home. The next three months, we will be working on ambiguous scenes! We will also focus on how to create better camera angles for yourself as an actor, and how to maximize our time in this medium. Class tonight will begin at its regularly scheduled time at 8:00pm MST.


When you are watching the live video on this page you are, “in your seats” When it is your turn to perform, you will pause or mute this page, and join the interactive link to perform, “On Stage“. With this format, you will be able to observe, take notes and watch your classmates perform via the class live link on this page, while also waiting on deck to perform with the interactive link. We’re so excited for this opportunity to continue to grow together virtually and continue on your own personal journeys of mastery and personal development.

LIVE Interactive Link

Your interactive link will be used when you are “On Stage”. This can now be accessed through this page! Simply click the link below and you will be added into the live waiting room.

Click this LINK to be added to the live interactive video call. When you click the link, a new tab will open.

Now….Let’s get to work!