Matthew Dearing on Sunday NFL Countdown!

Because we love to keep you abreast of Matthew Dearing sightings…

(And because we’re always looking for an excuse to use pretentious words like “abreast”…)

See Matthew Dearing this week on Sunday NFL countdown (ESPN) with the wildly talented Frank Caliendo . Bonus? Dean Edwards (SNL alum) also appears in this sketch.

And whilst we have you (pretentious word count: 2) Check out Frank’s sketches on ESPN. They’re hysterical. If you missed it, Dearing Student Shapel Lacey had a cameo in Frank Caliendo’s “Payton Manning Camp“.

Addendum: If you live under a rock and haven’t seen Frank Caliendo’s other impressions…check out his Donald Trump (tears-in-your-eyes-funny),  his GW Bush and his jaw-dropping Morgan Freeman.  YA WELCOME.

Ad-Addendum: Look at how handsome and professorial Matthew looks leaning against this tree. That has nothing to do with anything. I just think he’s cute, and so I married him.

Matt Headshot_Resized


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