It’s Time to Go Within: Divine Roots Podcast

It’s Time to Go Within

Welcome back to the Divine Roots Podcast, A spiritual journey just for you. Our goal is to be a guide on your walk of faith, and help spark questions that make listeners think.

What does it mean to Go Within?

Today we talk about the importance of going within and how to do so during these trying times. We all have an extreme amount of power that we’ve been blinded to within us. The power of free thought, speech, and religion all allow us to make our own personal choices. We are made to have free will in this world and this is a power that many of us have hidden deep inside.

Can I get rid of Stress and Anxiety?

The worldly stress and anxiety is a trap. We can all shut this out by using our power. To do this correctly it’s important to let go of control. We have to FOCUS on the higher power. Surrender all of our trust to him. God has a plan and will protect us all, but if you choose to shut him out, he will not stop you.

What is Control?

Control is an illusion. It’s something we all seek and yet we’re never filled up from having it. Trying to have control is dangerous. The reason is because everything in this world is living. We all have vibrations that can go high or low based on our actions. When we seek control and go to anger, our vibration get lower. However when we are neutral, happy, and peaceful our vibration rises.