Day 1 of Second Week of Summer Camp!

Day 1 of our Second Week of ValleyWood Movie Camp is underway! A group of completely new and talented actors have arrived this morning with energy and excitement! We started the day off by teaching Improv Games. You could see the enjoyment in ALL of the kids.

Campers learned about set design! They all learned how to create and set up any room for scene purposes, and what you see in a film might not always be what it looks like! Next they were given “Sides” for their big audition for the film.

Each actor was given a 1 on 1 lesson before they went in for their audition. It was great to see all of the character choice. All auditions were recorded and the actors have been cast for the film! Campers began working more in depth on making character choices and memorization skills later in the day. Looking forward to seeing what costumes, props, and character choices these young actors bring to set tomorrow!