Dani’s Agency Casts Derek Solorsano in “2 Guns” With Denzel Washington and Matt Wahlberg


In order to own and operate an Arizona talent agency, you’ve got to have thick skin. If you think about how many rejections we get as actors, you can multiply those numbers for a local talent agency. Therefore, when a local actor from Arizona lands a role in a huge movie, it’s time to celebrate!


Dani’s Agency in Arizona goes above and beyond



Dani’s Agency is a actor and modeling agency located in Arizona. This is an image of their new logo and updated contact information.




Misti Wagner is the daughter of legendary talent agent, Dani Green. Dani’s Agency, representing some of the best local Arizona talent, has been in the valley for a long time. There is no doubt that their list of success stories is a mile long. However even Dani Green herself was beyond excited to make the big announcement.


Here’s the official communication: Phoenix actor Derek Solorsano in “2 Guns”, a feature film starring Academy Award and Golden Globe recipient Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg. And before you ask, this is a good role and that has him contracted for 6 weeks.




Bill at Dani’s Agency did an amazing job on Derek’s Demo Reel. Once complete, the demo reel was sent to the casting director for the movie “Two Guns”. This is often how the industry works and why is so important for actors to have a really good demo reel. Also, this story is a great reminder that to be an actor is to run your own business


The following video from backstage gives some great advice on actor demo reels.




We at Dearing Acting Studio are very excited about this big win for AZ talent. It’s jobs like this that give the local market energy and proves that Phoenix actors can absolutely compete at the highest level. The key is to be consistently training so that when these types of opportunities come around, we are ready.




This success for Dani’s AZ talent agency follows a string of exceptional bookings. These include:

  1. Jennifer Pfalzgraff and Pam Blair in “21 Grams” opposite Sean Penn in 2003,
  2. Jason Young and Richard Pines on “In Plain Sight” in 2008 and 2010
  3. Larry Jones on “Breaking Bad
  4. Luis Pimber also on “Breaking Bad” and now also “2 Guns”




Every one one of these bookings Bill did the filming at the agency office.  And the directors booked their talent directly from a Demo Reel. This means no having to read in front of the director. Talk about sweet!

We are very proud of Misti, Bill and the all of the hard working local Actors at Dani’s Agency in Tempe! We wish you many more successes and will do our part in providing a great place to get top notch training, support and development as an Actor.

For Further Details or to sign on with a great talent agency, contact:

Misti Wagner or Dani Green
Talent Coordinator/Accounting Dept.
Cell #: 480-529-9931
Website: http://www.danisagency.com


Thanks so much for reading. If you’d like more information about finding auditions in the Arizona film market check out our blog we wrote on that exact subject.

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