Best Summer Camp Ever!

Hello everybody! Today, I am writing about Valleywood Movie Camp, offered at Dearing Acting Studio. If you are available this Summer, don’t miss out. During this week long camp, campers get to make their own mini-movie, while making new friends. Everyone is cast a major role, and get to develop their part and really become the character. You even get to write a letter to yourself that is mailed to you a year later, to reflect on your time at camp. Campers work on camera filming from the very beginning. On the final day, there is a big premiere of the movie. Friends and family come, watch, and enjoy the movie you just made. That’s not all, each camper gets an award that they get to take home, so you feel like a real movie star. Plus, you get a DVD of the masterpiece you and your new friends made this Summer.

-Joey Sweeney