Casting Call! ASU Senior Thesis, 17 Steps directed by Zac Donohoe.

(Please read the entire email and contact the appropriate person if interested! The studio is not casting for this project.)

Logline: On the day of his execution, Wilt must face his disillusioned life as he attempts to come to terms with himself, his wife, and God, while seeking answers in his final hours.

Wilt: Ages 35-50. Wilt struggles to find himself as he goes through the last day of his life. He has loved, lived and lost everything until the moment of his death.

Grace: Ages 6-11. Wilt’s daughter, Grace is a happy young girl who lives her life with her beloved parents. She is full of energy and lives her life like any young girl would.

Amy: Ages 28-35. Wilt’s wife, she loves her family with all her heart. Calm, collected and passionate, she is the perfect wife.

Guard #1/James: Ages 25-35. Confident, kind and loving. He is Wilt’s only friend on the inside. He supports Wilt until the end.

Guard #2: Ages 25-35. A guard that is rude and inconsiderate to Wilt and all of the other inmates.

Chaplain: Ages 40-50. Smart and courteous. The Chaplain helps Wilt comes to terms with his faith as he struggles to find God.

Michael: Ages 40-50. Wilt’s Lawyer, he believes Wilt is innocent and does the best he can to let him see another day.

Elderly Man: Ages 60-75. No lines. Elderly Woman: Ages 60-75. No lines. Extras for execution scene

Extras for dance recital

Shooting will happen in early Fall 2013.

If you are interested please email [email protected]
to schedule an audition. Head shots and a resume are a plus. Sides will be provided the week of the audition. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!