Improvisation will help you to be free as you enhance your ability to listen, trust your instincts and react honestly. Improv classes have become the “go to” source for corporate team building and confidence training. Rotational topics include: Improv Scene Work, Improv Monologues, Improv Plays, Improv Short Form Games, Improv Auditions, and more.


Improvisation is non-scripted storytelling with the intention to be fearless and authentic in performance.


In improv class expect to truthfully connect with like minded people through being present, spontaneous, vulnerable and in the moment.


Improv classes are perfect for actors, professionals and next level human beings – seeking improvisation mastery & personal development.

“For myself, as both an Actor and a Business Owner,
the benefit of my time at Dearing Actor Studios is immeasurable.
At Dearing, you learn truthful connection, you learn techniques,
you learn about yourself and finally, you learn to get out of your
comfort zone (in a safe and fun environment).”

“This is not just reading lines and trying to score jobs.
It is the practice of discovering yourself, then mastering how to
express that through characterization and creative expression.”