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The best actor in the room is the best listener in the room.  We teach hyper-listening through ever evolving techniques that allow our actors to “live their truth” while in front of the camera, on-stage and in their daily lives.  The two core concepts from which everything is built are script and improvisation. We are not interested in a good performance. In fact we are not interested in “performance” at all.  We engage in truth which is where ‘great’ lives – and ‘great’ is something we are very interested in. Great scripted work should look, sound and feel like improvisation; like the actor is creating the lines from thin air.  Great improvisation, in our studio, will look, sound and feel like a scripted play that has been precisely blocked and rehearsed. Once students have progressed through these concepts there is a master level course that brings it all together.

These simple yet profound ideas are at the heart of every program from the Master Class and Core Curriculum to the Teen and Youth Programs. We believe in developing a hunger for mastery at every level and every age. There is no beginning and there is no end to our program because we simply think there’s a better way. As a studio we will always be evolving, therefore the curriculum and the growth of our student’s cannot be held captive by superficial levels. At Dearing Acting Studio there are no gimmicks, no excuses, no glass ceilings. You will see the difference and love our process or your money back, guaranteed.


Matt Dearing


Master Acting Coach consistently trains with some of the best acting instructors around the world. He believes in constant growth & evolution - Dearing Acting Studio stands as a reflection of that commitment to improve. Matthew's students span the globe and can be seen on stage, film, TV and commercials every night of the week.


Leeann Dearing

Owner, Founder and Teacher


Brian Sweeney

Instructor / Studio Process Director / Founding member of Dearing Acting Studio

Brian is a walking miracle. A bad case of strep pneumonia left him in a two week coma with only a 3% chance of survival. Keeping him alive required the removal of his fingers and toes. Brian woke up with a renewed spirit and full of joy. In addition to the teaching and inspiration he brings to our studio Brian is a sought after motivational speaker. He also is the director of the Dearing Acting Studio improv group Chaos Comedy and president of pending non-profit Lighthouse Theater whose mission is to “be a light” in the entertainment industry.


John Luke Grubb

Instructor / Studio Marketing Director

John Luke is the definition of an artist. He is an accomplished musician producing music under the DJ handle JohnlukeIRL. As a painter, his latest work is currently on display at Salon D’Shayn in Phoenix. He also has an extraordinary film maker’s eye. John Luke has directed 4 movies in the past year alone and is in pre production for two more this summer all through the Dearing Acting Studio. He produces all the studio in-house video marketing campaigns and is hired outside the studio regularly because of his unique artistry and attention to detail.


In The Media

Dearing Acting Studio is an award winning studio that has been featured in both local and national media outlets from print to TV. Check out our classes or shows to find out what all the hype is about!

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